This section lists issues - problems on the street network and related matters.

Issues always relate to some geographical location, whether very local or perhaps city-wide.

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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Ealing Cycling Campaign:

  • Boston Manor Road cycleway

    Created by T Harris // 1 thread

    You may remember that Hounslow Council issued plans for a cycleway between Boston Manor Underground Station and the GSK complex back in 2014. The recent revised plan is for a bidirectional protected cycleway on the western side of Boston Manor Road. It includes plans for separation between the cycleway and bus stops. There are still places where cars can be driven over the cycleway at entrances to Boston Manor Park and car parking bays planned to be located between the cycleway and the properties opposite Manor Vale. We broadly support the plans, but please send in your concerns too. The consultation ends on 3rd June.

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  • Little Ealing Lane Raised Table Cycle Track

    Created by Space Pootler // 2 threads

    1. Relocation of the existing zebra crossing on Little Ealing Lane closer to Weymouth Avenue The crossing will be installed on a raised table which will help to slow down traffic. Existing parking spaces directly outside Little Ealing Primary School will be relocated which will improve visibility for drivers exiting Weymouth Avenue.

    2. Installation of a new shared zebra crossing outside Mount Carmel Primary School. This will help parents and pupils of this school to cross the road safely, and make it easier for cyclists to turn right from Radbourne Avenue into Little Ealing Lane. The new zebra will be also raised which will help to further reduce speeds of vehicles. This will result in removal of existing School Keep Clear markings.

    3. Cycle track adjacent to footway to separate cyclists form motor traffic on the section of the road where they are at the most risk. The track will also provide a safer link between Radbourne Avenue and Weymouth Avenue, which is part of a proposed ‘Quietway’ cycle route linking Brentford and Ealing. This will also result in removal of existing School Keep Clear markings which will be replaced by double yellow lines.

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  • Gunnersbury Avenue & Chiswick Roundabout TfL consultation

    Created by T Harris // 2 threads

    ‘Segregated cycleway’ planned for western side of Gunnersbury Avenue (next to park and cemetery)
    Transport for London are proposing widening the cycleway on the western side of Gunnersbury Avenue, next to the cemetery and park.

    ‘Shared pavement’ planned for eastern side of Gunnersbury Avenue
    TfL are proposing to make a 5m wide ‘shared use area for pedestrians and cyclists’ on the eastern side.

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  • Junction Road rat-run should be filtered cell

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    Junction Road is used as a rat-run by motorists between the A4 and Little Ealing Lane/Northfields Avenue. The problem is especially acute around Whitestile Road and Enfield Road (which is too narrow to accomodate this traffic).

    This traffic should rightly be sent onto the B roads surrounding the area, and the neighbourhood preserved for the access of its residents.

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  • Pope's Lane Toucan in wrong position

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    The toucan crossing across Popes Lane at Olive Road is only useful for pedestrians, as cyclists need to ride up onto the pavement as an uncomfortable detour in order to request the crossing.

    There needs to be a request button of some sort at the road crossing itself, and some guarantee that the signals are visible by crossing cyclist and motor traffic.

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  • Clayponds Avenue Surface

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    Clayponds Avenue is a crucial cycling link between South Ealing and the Great West Road, but the surface is so full of potholes as to be a risk to ride on. Nearly all group rides make use of the Olive Road/South Ealing Cemetery/Clayponds link, but it remains largely ignored by Hounslow Highways since requests for repairs began to be filed in 2013. As of late 2015, one individual recorded no fewer than 47 separate potholes.

    There are also scars left over from the removal of pedestrian refuge islands and other road furniture.

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  • Progressing the LCC 2014 election campaign 'asks'

    Created by George Coulouris // 7 threads

    This issue is intended to act a repository for material that can be used to back-up the LCC's 2014 Local Election Campaign 'Asks'. There are 6 'asks' that were finalised and agreed at the LCC's AGM on 19 October 2013:

    1. Safe routes to schools
    2. Areas without through motor traffic (AWTTs)
    3. Protected space on main roads/major junctions
    4. Safe cycle routes via parks and canals (Greenways)
    5. 20mph speed limits
    6. Liveable town centres

    so we'll have 6 threads under this Cyclescape issue where we can collect explanations, discussions and most importantly concrete illustrations of what is meant by each ask.

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