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  • Hounslow Draft Local Implementation Plan Consultation

    Created by Hounslow Cycling Campaign // 3 threads

    Local Implementation Plan released for consultation by London Borough of Hounslow.

    a. CS9 is referenced many times in the document (such as p.31 "The implementation of CS9 would create opportunities for new orbital routes into neighbouring residential areas and transport hubs").however it is also sometimes qualified by "if approved" and proposals will have dependencies upon CS9 going ahead.
    b. We get a mention on p.31 "Local groups such as the Hounslow Cycling Campaign can provide important knowledge on local demand and suggestions for improvements." Yey!
    c. Section 3.1.4 and Appendix D reference Propensity to Cycle tool results for the borough.
    d. Section 3.1.5 references cycle routes to Heathrow. While Heathrow airport isn't within Hounslow, it is the largest employer of borough residents. Our guess is that additional funding from TfL and Heathrow will be required to address Heathrow cycle access.
    e. Section 3.1.6 references a cycle network for the borough. This is the first time we have seen reference to a "Hounslow Priority Cycle Network" as previously, projects have been disconnected individual projects. CS9 provides the "spine" for this network.
    f. There is reference to 2 Liveable Neighbourhoods bids for Feltham and Dukes Meadows. We have heard that "Dukes Meadows" will actually be called "Chiswick South" in the bid. The details of these bids are not within the LIP but we have heard the "Chiswick South" bid has a mixture of public realm improvement, school streets and creation of filtered permeability cells in the Grove Park area of Chiswick.

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  • Boston Manor Road cycleway

    Created by T Harris // 1 thread

    You may remember that Hounslow Council issued plans for a cycleway between Boston Manor Underground Station and the GSK complex back in 2014. The recent revised plan is for a bidirectional protected cycleway on the western side of Boston Manor Road. It includes plans for separation between the cycleway and bus stops. There are still places where cars can be driven over the cycleway at entrances to Boston Manor Park and car parking bays planned to be located between the cycleway and the properties opposite Manor Vale. We broadly support the plans, but please send in your concerns too. The consultation ends on 3rd June.

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  • Gunnersbury Avenue & Chiswick Roundabout TfL consultation

    Created by T Harris // 2 threads

    ‘Segregated cycleway’ planned for western side of Gunnersbury Avenue (next to park and cemetery)
    Transport for London are proposing widening the cycleway on the western side of Gunnersbury Avenue, next to the cemetery and park.

    ‘Shared pavement’ planned for eastern side of Gunnersbury Avenue
    TfL are proposing to make a 5m wide ‘shared use area for pedestrians and cyclists’ on the eastern side.

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  • Clayponds Avenue Surface

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    Clayponds Avenue is a crucial cycling link between South Ealing and the Great West Road, but the surface is so full of potholes as to be a risk to ride on. Nearly all group rides make use of the Olive Road/South Ealing Cemetery/Clayponds link, but it remains largely ignored by Hounslow Highways since requests for repairs began to be filed in 2013. As of late 2015, one individual recorded no fewer than 47 separate potholes.

    There are also scars left over from the removal of pedestrian refuge islands and other road furniture.

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